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SendOutCards is a remarkable relationship marketing tool to keep you top-of-mind with clients, customers, business associates, even family and friends.

Imagine creating a campaign to say ‘Nice to meet you’, ‘Looking forward to working with you’, ‘Thank you for your business’, to be sent to customers at designated intervals that you set up. You can create your own card designs online on our platform or choose from 20K templates in dozens of categories. You can even brand your cards on the back with your logo and contact information.

Once you click on the send button, your card will be printed, stuffed into an envelope, addressed to your recipient, stamped and taken to the post office the very next morning!

You can even send one of our special gifts from our gift store to go with your card. Our brownies are the most popular gift item, but there are thousands, from baby items to inspirational gifts. Take a look at the gift catalog. There’s one for every occasion.

There is no cost to use this service…you just pay for the cards you send and the postage. That’s it! Ask about the bundles which include custom branding, your handwriting and signature options and other desirable features, too.

If you are inspired to take a closer look at SendOutCards, just call me and we can arrange a time to give you all the details.

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Send Out Cards
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You know how it’s hard or challenging to acquire new customers and stay in touch with them, keep them loyal and turn them into raving fans that refer you new business all the time?

I solve this for you. http://www.CardsCelebrate.com

Hi, My name is Andrea Page with Sendoutcards and Sendcere. SendoutCards is the best relationship building tool on the planet. We just launched the first ever social media site in history that will allow you to send greeting cards and gifts. Who do you think will benefit?
It’s my passion and my mission to help people share more appreciation and gratitude. Also, building a few millionaires. 🙂
I’m available by text, email, phone, or for coffee. Let’s connect.


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