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Mo Ogilvie

“Being a member of TCOB has been one of the most productive things I have done for both my business and for me personally. Not only have I seen a growth in my business through referrals but I have found other members who meet my own needs and I am comfortable referring to others. The best reward has been the friendships that have developed within the group. As they say — “Priceless”

Julie Larson

“If you want to have your life enriched by meeting great people, and at the same time, build your business, then you must join TCOB!”

Joe Dobzinski

“Many business network groups are formed and disappear as fast, TCOB has survived and remained one of the best. The group provides a personal yet business approach of helping its members to achieve and make contacts to drive more business to them. TCOB is best described as business alumni of successful people. Amanatee Group LLC is proud to be part of the alumni.”



Dave Smith

As always, awesome Meetings with an awesome Crowd!

Rebecca Burke

“It has been an  honor and privilege of being one of the initial members of this networking group.  It continues to provide me with referrals and support like no other networking group. The leader, Donna, is wonderful and consistently works to the benefit of this groups’ members.”


Jerry Smith

This is such a great group – not just business (although that certainly works) but also friendships!

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