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In the past, if a customer searched for a company restaurant or retail store they would look through the Yellow Pages. Fast forward to today and you will find that customers are using the Internet as the #1 way they find a new business.

To attract new customers, it is more important than ever before that you not only have an Internet presence but that your website is created to be SEO friendly so that you are one of the first businesses that potential customers pull up when they are searching. It is important that your reputation reflects the image, branding and message that you want to convey!

Did you know that when a customer is searching for a company to do business with, 42% choose the 1st listing on the first page and 21% choose the 2nd listing? And the percentages go down with each listing. According to Google statistics, 95% of consumers never scroll past the first page of search results. Only 5.9% of clicks happen on pages 2-3, even less for the rest.

Can you afford not to be at the top of the search results?

It is important that potential customers find your website in their search results and critically essential that they stay on your website long enough to make the decision to do business with you. Too many businesses today have a website that is either outdated or does not convey the companies branding in a desirable way. Your website needs to be easy to navigate with the information formatted in a way that results in a person choosing to do business with you.

Creating a strong web presence is critical to doing business in today’s world. Since your customers will be viewing your website from different devices it is essential that you have both a Desktop and a Mobile Website. This will allow your customers to view your Desktop Website from their home computer or tablet and for your customers on the go, your Mobile Website will be optimized and menu driven to make it easy for your website to be viewed on a smartphone.

According to Google, 64% of mobile phone owners now use their device to access the web instead of their PCs or laptops. This makes it critical that you not only have an effective desktop website but also that you have a mobile optimized website. This makes your website extremely mobile friendly so that you can attract and retain potential customers.

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