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My name is Stephanie Dluzneski RN. I am a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape For Life for 4 years. I have helped many people locally and across the country transform their lives in these three areas.

Healthy Body

Physical health resulting from adopting sustainable healthy habits.

I do this by helping someone’s  physical health by achieving a healthy weight and broadening one’s activities to include a healthy range of movement; empowering them to create health rather than react to disease; shifting mindset and habits to live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Mind

Emotional health resulting from the opportunity to live a life with less physical and financial stress.

This includes bringing meaning, purpose, and confidence into peoples  lives  by being part of a worthy cause and community. I help them by effectively  managing stress and addressing the underlying behaviors of their  poor health guiding them towards Optimal Health.

Healthy Finances

Financial health resulting from a compensation plan that lets you earn based on your efforts and build your financial future.

This includes sharing the opportunity for additional income; financial stability and abundance; mentoring others along the business path; developing stable business; leaving a legacy; and building an annuity by planning their long-term future.

I coach locally and nationwide. I interact with my clients via email and phone. The  greatest way I have found  is very effective  are Zoom calls. With  these calls we are able to interact by seeing each other on a computer, lap top, or phone. It is great technology to keep my clients and me connected across the country!!!



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